Biogas Plant(Biomethanation Plant)


NISARGRUNA plants is designed for handling and process the perishable waste materials generated in kitchens, vegetable markets, slaughter homes, food and fruit process industries, agro-waste and biomass in decentralised manner.These plants serve following purposes.


  • Environment friendly disposal of perishable waste, which is need of hour considering mass pollution all over.
  • Generation of fairly good quantity of fuel gas, which is able to positively support the dwindling energy resources.
  • Generation of top quality manure, which might be weed-less and a superb soil conditioner. This is very important for replenishing fast decreasing resources of productive soils.
  • It would reduce the menace of street dogs and other nuisance animals and pathogens, as major portion of biodegradable waste on dumping yards would no more be available for their feeding.
  • Environmental protection by helping in maintenance of elemental cycles in the nature


What are the kinds of wastes which will and can't be processed in NISARGRUNA plants?

The biodegradable waste which will be processed within the NISARGRUNA plant includes:

  • Stale and unused portion of cooked food from households,hotels and industrial canteens
  • Vegetable refuses either from vegetable markets or kitchens
  • Shredded paper
  • Abattoir waste especially the cattle intestinal materials
  • Gobar, night soil
  • Lawn cuttings, dry leaves, protoctist or plant materials recovered from water bodies like lakes, rivers or wells


Certain materials are to be strictly avoided. They include:

  • Coconut and egg shells
  • Coconut coir
  • Feathers, hair
  • Green twigs, wood



Nisargruna process:





Application of Biogas


Building Complexes Educational institutes Hospitals



Hotels Restaurants/Canteens Markets Shopping Mall